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Amen: The Prayer App is an interactive way to share prayer requests and pray for others right in your own community. Post a prayer request from your mobile device, desktop computer or the iOS app, then wait for notifications that you’re being prayed for by others. Whatever challenges you may be facing, we believe a world that’s connected through the power of prayer is a more supportive and encouraging place.

Amen: The Prayer App was created to offer several simple solutions:

  • Make prayer timely and tangible in today’s busy digital age
  • Allow people to request a prayer instantly
  • Allow people to know, in real-time, that they’ve been prayed for
  • Allow people to share how their prayers were answered or the result of their experience

Founder Morgan Wood shares, “It all started because of a seemingly small gesture a friend made. I was on my phone with a friend while driving to a job interview. Before we hung up, he said, “I’ll pray for you.”

That’s something we throw around a lot. People always say “I’ll pray for you” and while you hope they do, you never really know.

That afternoon when I got home, I had an email from him. He had taken the time to type out what he had prayed for on my behalf.

At that moment, prayer became very real to me. It was timely and it was tangible. Just knowing that he had actually done it was humbling and incredibly encouraging. I got the job.”

PrayerWorks is a service of Northwestern Media. They are no longer supporting the tool outside of their organization. All other users and accounts are now being managed by MW Media and will operate under the new brand Amen: The Prayer App.

If you had an account before and you remember your user name and password, you’re good to go. You can also login with Facebook. Otherwise, creating an account with Amen: The Prayer App is simple and easy. Once you do, you’ll be able to track the prayers you post, stories shared and many other features.

If your church, radio station or other organization has a private prayer community with Amen, the easiest way to find it is by linking to it through their website.

If you were part of a community that transferred to Amen from PrayerWorks, you’ll automatically be redirected to their new site. If not, simply click on Get the App on the menu bar, and be a part of our global community!

You can download Amen: The Prayer App in the App Store. Either go to the App Store and search Amen Prayer App or download Amen here. 

Great news!

The beta for Amen: The Prayer App is now available for Android and Windows devices.

TThe Android beta app is available at the Google Play Store
Get it on Google Play
The Windows beta app is available at the Windows Store
    Get it on Windows 10

This is exciting! Organizations now have two options for providing Amen to their communities.

In addition to the monthly subscription option that allows you to create a private, customizable prayer room, we’re now offering a FREE version.

You can compare plans here.

Prayers you post on Amen: The Prayer App are always confidential and anonymous. Other users in the community only see the information you contain in your prayer request. Any identifying information placed in a post, such as full names or contact info, will be deleted. 

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