Marketing Support

We’re committed to helping you increase your community’s engagement with Amen.

Here, you’ll find helpful guides to walk you through setting up your page, along with produced audio spots, website graphics and more!

Don’t see what you need? Let us know!

Ready to get the word out about Amen? We’re here to help.

First, get your Amen community page set up the way you want it. You’ll need our handy Amen 2019 Dashboard Guide for that. We’ll show you how to customize your site, set security options and see your statistics.

Next, browse our Amen 2017 Launch Guide to help you map out your marketing plan – the more strategic you are about promoting Amen, the more effective your prayer ministry will be!

Below, you’ll find several pre-produced promos in MP3 format that are ready for you to download and use. You can preview the audio by pressing the play button below the link.

Want to produce your own promos? We’ve got some copy suggestions on page 6 of our Launch Guide.  Give a listen to what Sterling Tarrant at Amen station KSBJ produced as an example.

Looking for custom audio for your station? We’re happy to provide a quote for dry audio or fully produced custom promos.

Pre-produced audio for you to use:

:15 – If you’ve ever told someone… (PW)

Download:[download id=”1606″]

:15 – Maybe you’ve felt…

Download:[download id=”1611″]

:15 – In our connected world… (PW)

Download:[download id=”1613″]

:30 – We’re told every day… (PW)

Download:[download id=”1615″]

:30 – You’ve said it… (PW)

Download:[download id=”1617″]

:30 One of the best feelings in life… (PW)

Download:[download id=”1619″]

Note: Most of these promos were created to help stations transition from PrayerWorks to Amen. If PrayerWorks is mentioned in the spot, it’s indicated by (PW) following the title.

Make it easy for your community to find Amen: The Prayer App from your website.

We have created ready-made images for you to use on your homepage, in various sizes. Check back here for new widget images as we change these out and add new ones from time to time. Don’t see what you need? Let us know!

Click a thumbnail below to preview the image. Right click and choose “Save Image As” from your browser menu to save the file locally.

You might want to create your own images, and we get that. But until we finalize our official “brand standards guide” please keep the following in mind when it comes to our logo:

There should be no modifications to Amen brand assets in any way, which includes changing the design or combining our assets with other words or images. Only service-marked {SM} versions of the Amen logo are allowed. To ensure accuracy and consistency, you shouldn’t modify any colors in the app icon or orientation of the identity.

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